Get Free Mental Health Counselling to cope with COVID-19

If you’re feeling stressed or nervous during these days of COVID-19, you’re not alone. Doubt and the sense of not being safe — not to mention physical distancing, round-the-clock breaking news, increase in price of foodstuff & essential commodities — are stressful and may cause anxieties. You’re not alone! What you’re feeling is common around the world.

We are committed to helping you, the people you care about and the community cope with stress, fear, anxiety, panic and financial insecurities in a healthy way.

Because we know you’re looking for ways to take care of yourself and loved ones, we’ve engaged psychologists, mental health experts, psychotherapists and counselors to help you care for your own and your loved ones’ mental health.

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I am anxious, not sure what to think about this outbreak

I feel I am at high risk of contracting this disease and I am afraid

I feel lonely and alone; I feel time is passing slowly

I am panicking because my finances are going down

My loved ones are affected and I am nervous and afraid